Jet Shower
Steam Room
Hammam (Turkish Bath)


M1 Peeling & Foam Massage
M2 Relax Massage
M3 Classic Massage
M4 AromaTherapy
M5 Lmphdrainage Massage
M6 Sports Massage
M7 Hot Stone Massage
M8 Reflexology
M9 Back Massage
M10 Anti-Cellulite Massage


T1 – Mini Facial Treatment
Cleansing, Peeling, Mask, Face & Neck Massage
T2 – Classical Facial Treatment
Cleansing, Peeling, Black Heads, Mask, Serum, Face & Neck Massage
T3 – Eyes Specific Treatment
Cleansing, Eye Mask, Eye Serum, Face Massage
T4 – Specific Alliance Balancing Treatment
Cleansing, Peeling, Balancing Mask, Face & Neck Massage
T5 – Specific Alliance Moisturizing Treatment
Cleansing, Peeling, Moisturizing Mask, Face & Neck Massage
T6 – Oxygenating Perfection Treatment
Cleansing, Peeling, Oxygenating Mask, Face & Neck Massage
T7 – Face Clay
T8 – White Tea Series
Prevents skin ageing due to sun light, pollution and stress


T9 – Marine Body Scrub
T10 – FangoTherapy
T11 – Bust Firming Treatment
T12 – Revitalizing Treatment
Scrub, revitalizing wrap, special body massage
T13 – Remineralizing Treatment
Scrub, remineralizing wrap, special body massage
T14 – Contouring and Firming Treatment
Scrub, wrap, anti-cellulite massage
T15 – Slenderizing and Draining Treatment
Scrub, wrap, anti-cellulite massage
T16 – Anti-Cellulite Self Heating Treatment
Scrub, wrap, anti-cellulite massage
T17 – Choco-Fango Body Mask
T18 – Body Clay
T19 – Paraffin

Indoor Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi
Fitness & Pilates Studio
Feel the energy flowing through your veins.
Enjoy your time and keep fit with the game tennis.
Tennis racquets and balls are available free of charge whenever you are ready to play.
If you are eager to learn how to play or if you don’t have a partner; don’t worry. Tennis lessons and partnership are available upon request.

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